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Kartarpur Corridor and Agony of Kashmiris

            Nayyar N Khan Government of Pakistan welcomed the Indian cabinet announcement to commence the construction of Kartarpur corridor. The apparent aim is to promote religious tourism, but hopefully it would pave the path towards peace. The divided families of Jammu and Kashmir have been cheering, but with agony and […]

The forgotten art of Paper making in Kashmir

Iqbal Ahmad In ancient times, Kashmir had its own paper industry and paper was called Koshur Kagaz. This industry was lost during 20th century due to the advent of by Indian mill paper industry, as it could not meet demands of growing paper industry. The state museum and cultural Academy have been housing the manuscripts […]

Reasons  for J&K Assembly Dissolution

In an analytical article daily Roshni writes that Governor’s reasons for dissolving Assembly were – i)Making of a state government not possible ii) the horse-trading in winning the support of members iii) claimed numbers not being correct and iv) critical security situation.  National Conference (NC) leader’s statement and Congress not making its support clear, show […]

The ignored Chopan community

Ishfaq Ahmad Chopan Chopans, reside in every nook and corner of Kashmir Valley. Economically and socially a backward class, they deserve special status like Scheduled Tribe. They are landless, serving as shepherds, raring sheep and goat, moving to hilly places during summer. Legislative Assembly had also passed a resolution in 2000, and recommended Scheduled Tribe […]

Governor’s rule and Public grievances

Governor’s rule seems to have brought about a change in the context of tackling peoples grievances, writes daily Roshni. According to daily, Governor has established a grievance cell for tackling grievances of people. Governor’s advisors have been meeting people and delegations. The Advisors have been directed to supervise the settlement of grievances in the departments […]

Kashmir Youth: A Possible Way Out

Aadil Gulam Dar A growing number of young people in Kashmir are suffering from emotional despair, low self-esteem, a lack of cultural connectivity, and a loss of values, writes A. G. Dar.  According to him low esteem makes youth susceptible to drugs, violence and suicide.  Such a situation provides an opportunity for the exploitation of […]

A major initiative in supply of electricity

According to daily Khidmat, the Governor’s administration has signed an agreement with Punjab government, that would help the state in irrigation of land and to get more  electricity. Under the agreement, Shahpur Kandi’ project will be installed on river Ravi. It will help the state to make free use of waters from Ravi – 1069 […]

Paradise – that  is changing into hell

In an editorial note, the daily Uqab writes that Kashmir, once called paradise is fast changing into hell, a place that would not be fit for living. The pressure of population, changes in the way of living, and greed and negligence have all contributed towards its decline. Forests, water bodies, tourist places, have been adversely […]

The dynamics of India-Pakistan trade

Sajad Padder Indian sub continent was an integrated economy prior to partition. Even after partition, 1948-49 Pakistan’s exports to India accounted to 56% of its old exports, 32% of Pakistan imports came from India. But 1965 war changed the situation. In 1989, Pakistan agreed to import 322 Indian items. In 1995, India gave Pakistan the […]

A new wave

Khalid Isaac Many youth, who are well qualified, have come forward to participate in polls and are emerging as new leaders in political arena of Kashmir. This phenomenon seems to have unnerved Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and ‘National Conference’ (NC), as both parties are talking about joining hands and forming a government. So they are […]