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Absence of Forest Policy

The daily Kashmir Images writes that once 80% J&K state’s territory was under forest cover, but today it is less than 50%, that shows the extent of damage done to forests. The loot of the forest is going on, with smugglers  active and department conniving with them, because of corruption. The management of forest wealth […]

PakalDul HEP: Cost – Benefit Analysis

Iftikhar Drabu The arrangements agreed for implementation and operation of PakalDul Hydroelectric Project (HEP) are damaging to the state and will result in heavy loss of revenue, writes Iftikhar Drabu. According to him, the state has conceded exemption of i) Entry tax, ii) Works contract tax iii) exemption from 12% free power, vi) water cess. […]

 The Enigma of Rejection

According to daily Nida-i-Mashriq, Hurriyat (G) has rejected negotiations with the Central government unless New Delhi accepts its five conditions, including declaring Kashmir as a dispute. The daily further writes that it does not seem to be a decision of joint leadership. Why? UN resolutions may be there, but UN failed to get these implemented. […]

Rajnath Singh and Kashmir Problem

Home Minister’s acceptance that Kashmir is a complicated problem and needs time to solve, shows that there is realization that problem needs to be solved, writes daily Srinagar Times editorially. Kashmir problem has assumed a dangerous character, because of the turmoil of last 30 years. Inspite of many leaders resolving to solve it, and many […]

Governor’s rule – hopes and expectations

The people have expectations that Governor will devote his time towards solving people’s problems, as previous government got entangled in  political turmoil and ignored governance, writes Chattan. According to daily the real problem is that the state administration is rusted, inefficient, corrupt and lacks a work culture. Unless Governor brings about a definite change in […]

The Change

Change of seasons is a natural phenomenon, and would be on expected lives. But thanks to man’s overzealous interference with nature, the pattern has changed. Now the change is sudden and on unexpected lines, and you may attribute it to global warming and climate change. After the unusual heat of June, Kashmir witnessed consistent rainfall […]