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Saad Hafiz It is probably naïve to expect peace between India and Pakistan anytime soon. Their inability to resolve disputes is the cause, though the two go on trading allegations in UN. There is definitely trust deficit between the two countries. Simla Agreement should have served as peace maker. India had chosen road of peace […]

A scandal of 23,000 crores?

The J&K Governor has cancelled the Group Mediclaim Insurance Scheme that had been enforced during the last days of previous Governor’s rule, writes daily Roshni. According to daily the policy was made compulsory for employees and optional for pensioners. The government enforced the scheme, and even first premium was deducted from employee’s salary. Employees had […]

  Local bodies elections – an analysis

In an analytic article, the daily Chattan writes that those who succeeded in getting elected feel happy, though percentage of polling has been low. Many independents also won. For the first time BJP could gain a foothold in these bodies. Well, during last 30 years, NC and PDP won elections, by taking advantage of boycott, […]

Who are the stakeholders?

National Conference’s demand for autonomy, PDP’s self-rule, separatists’ ‘azadi’ and advice of talking to Pakistan – all these are not worth acceptance. This is New Delhi’s new stance, writes daily Nida-i-Mashriq. The paper further writes that if, none of these groups are stake holders, then who is? National Conference had endorsed accession and worked to […]

Anti-encroachment drive

Hassan Zainagiree  The government has come out with a state environment policy, for conserving and protecting state environment, which is facing many challenges. As a first step, the government has started an anti-encroachment drive, and some government land has been retrieved. The first priority should be to do away with encroachments on water bodies. There […]

The grim future

The unemployment problem is critical rather very serious and youth are getting frustrated day by day. According to daily Uqab, it is not unusual if the youth get attracted by gun, drugs, or crime. Being unable to live a normal life, they have to deviate. The tragedy is government has left them at their own. […]


Peer G N Suhail Kashmir is blessed with natural resources, especially water. But it can not rely only on that, and neglect other sectors. We need human resource development when means of production are not resource intensive but knowledge intensive, writes G. N. Suhail in an analytical article. Every year thousands of students graduate, but […]

Breaking the Kashmir Jinx

Arshad Khan The hangover of partition looms large over the two countries and Kashmir, caught in context is paying the price. According to Arshad Khan the two countries need to realize that military approach has not and will not pay. It has been said that Lahore Declaration and Agra Summit were two occasions, when consensus […]

J&K Constitution  not a mistake

Daily Nida-i-Mashriq reflecting J&K opinion writes that national leaders of stature have played a role in shaping the relationship between J&K and the Indian Union in making the separate Constitution for the state. Calling it a mistake is deliberate attempt to mislead people. Historical documents reveal that granting of special status, giving constitutional guarantees, and […]