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Backwardness and development of Jammu Kashmir

Altaf Hussain Haji Backwardness is defined as lack of normal development especially social development. Social development includes poverty alleviation, citizenship, peace, democracy and governance. The percentage of poverty below poverty line  is 25.7% for rural sector, 13.7% for urban sector in India. Overall poverty is 21.9%. In an analytical article Altaf Hussain writes that in […]

New signposts of an unknown journey

Mehmoo Ur Rashid Violence never left Kashmir since 1990. It underwent multiple changes. But 2016 announced the arrival of a new phase of violence. According to the commentator, incorporating opinion on Jammu and Kashmir, the core content of politics of conflict was transmitted to next generation and violence was bound to re-appear in newer forms. […]

A man, no plan

How will Imran Khan govern? Commenting on the outcome of Pakistan elections and emergence of Imran Khan, a former cricketer, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, as the likely Prime Minister of the country, the writer says that it is the second time in history of Pakistan, that power has been democratically transferred. The outgoing Muslim League […]

The challenges

The change of regime has provided some relief to people in respect of decrease in the incidence of violence and civilian killings. The administration looks to be engaged in attending to people’s grievances and finding out ways to redress these. But the challenges are many.

The Climate Change

 Ashraf  The unusual climate has been creating problems. In Kashmir the effects of climate change have been studied in detail. It reveals that between 1980-2013, nine bench mark glaciers have shrunk by 17%. The total glaciated area has been reduced from 29.01 square kilometers to 23.81 kilometers. There has been corresponding reduction in discharge of […]

Monumental Neglect Of Burzahom

Dr. Mumtaz Yatoo Dr. Mumtaz Yatoo, who has done his PhD from University of Leicester (UK), is a leading Kashmiri archaeologist. He has been a Ford Fellow and is currently working as Assistant Professor (Archaeology) at Kashmir University’s Centre of Central Asian Studies (CCAS) where he is also the principal investigator of Kashmir Prehistory Project (KPP) […]

Towards a responsive government

In an editorial comment daily Greater Kashmir writes that within a month of the proclamation of Governor’s Rule in the state, J&K has started witnessing a discernible turnaround in governance through prompt service delivery and proactive public outreach by the government functionaries. Excerpts: 

Kishanganga Power Project

Dr. Javid Iqbal  Kishanganga project was inaugurated by Prime Minister, though Pakistan continues to object. Indus Water Treaty (IWT) gives Pakistan control over waters of Western rivers, Chenab, Indus, Jhelum, but India has the right to make use of the ‘run of river’, and as such hydro electric projects on western rivers stand within the […]

Absence of Forest Policy

The daily Kashmir Images writes that once 80% J&K state’s territory was under forest cover, but today it is less than 50%, that shows the extent of damage done to forests. The loot of the forest is going on, with smugglers  active and department conniving with them, because of corruption. The management of forest wealth […]

PakalDul HEP: Cost – Benefit Analysis

Iftikhar Drabu The arrangements agreed for implementation and operation of PakalDul Hydroelectric Project (HEP) are damaging to the state and will result in heavy loss of revenue, writes Iftikhar Drabu. According to him, the state has conceded exemption of i) Entry tax, ii) Works contract tax iii) exemption from 12% free power, vi) water cess. […]