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Peer G N Suhail Kashmir is blessed with natural resources, especially water. But it can not rely only on that, and neglect other sectors. We need human resource development when means of production are not resource intensive but knowledge intensive, writes G. N. Suhail in an analytical article. Every year thousands of students graduate, but […]

Breaking the Kashmir Jinx

Arshad Khan The hangover of partition looms large over the two countries and Kashmir, caught in context is paying the price. According to Arshad Khan the two countries need to realize that military approach has not and will not pay. It has been said that Lahore Declaration and Agra Summit were two occasions, when consensus […]

J&K Constitution  not a mistake

Daily Nida-i-Mashriq reflecting J&K opinion writes that national leaders of stature have played a role in shaping the relationship between J&K and the Indian Union in making the separate Constitution for the state. Calling it a mistake is deliberate attempt to mislead people. Historical documents reveal that granting of special status, giving constitutional guarantees, and […]

Religious sites that unite

Tasneem Kabir   The state has been a host with open arms, for the development of multiple faiths and religious persuasions. As such we have a plethora of religious sites and shrines. Nund Rishi, patron saint of Kashmir was Muslim mystic revered by Muslims and Hindus of region alike.  Lal Ded, who fed him as an  […]

Warning of an impending disaster

In an editorial note daily Uqab writes that the Valley is facing the menace of drugs. Recent police action shows that drugs are being traded on a large scale and a large number of young men have become drug addicts. This is a very serious situation and can devastate the society. If the civil society […]

Think Local, Act Global

 Siddiq Wahid The world realized that noise for uniformity in the interests of corporate wealth and political power was not same as unity in diversity. The rationality of inherited community values and wisdom and space for individual choice are important. The intertwining of economics and politics has made conflicted disputes in different parts of the […]

The end without a beginning

 In an analytical article daily Roshni writes that hopes had emerged that India and Pakistan would forget their past bitterness and move on to build a good relationship and solve problems. Imran Khan had asked for restoration of negotiations to solve problems. Prime Minister of India had also given a positive response. It had also […]

Towards Peace

In the dynamic world, change is but constant and so the state has witnessed another change, with the appointment of a new Governor. But there is a difference: present incumbent has a political background and it may indicate that political scenario be given a fresh facelift. Nevertheless, with his taking over, the holding of Panchayat […]


Khalid Isaac  Prime Minister had given some assurances last year and some measures had been taken. An interlocutor was appointed, who met people but not separatists, who stayed away. Even a unilateral cease-fire during Ramdan did not pay dividends. It is high time that leaders realize that violence is no solution, and they will have […]


 Zehru Nissa  During past three years, 10,000 patients have sought help from Government Medical College Srinagar, for getting rid of drug addiction. According to Zehru Nissa, there is a constant rise in patients with psychiatric issues, resulting from substance abuse. In Kashmir, cannabis tops the list of substance abuse, followed by opium and related products. […]