Pakistan’s President asserted that his country wanted peace and good relations with every country. He stressed that Pakistan was pursuing a policy of peace and amity with all its neighbours, writes Subah Kashmir editorially.


Policy of Amity and Peace:

  “President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, while declaring the resolution of Kashmir problem to be inevitable, said Pakistan wants to work together with neighbouring countries for peace and prosperity, for ending poverty and improving relations. He asserted that Pakistan’s policy was for having peace and does not have aggressive policy towards any country. On 23rd March, 2018, while addressing a function on Pakistan day, he has said that Kashmir is an important and basic problem between India and Pakistan, and a peaceful, durable solution will have to be sought, without further delay”.


Tension on the Border:

“The special feature of this function which was observed this year was that for the first time senior military officers and diplomats of India participated in it. According to media reports Pakistan army Chief, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa’s objective was to give a message of peace to India. Indo-Pak relations have not been good for some time. Due to continual cross-firing and shelling on LoC and International border, between two armies, more than four hundred people were killed, majority being of civilians. The tension on border has given rise to tension on diplomatic level, and mutual contacts have been adversely affected. India and Pakistan have accused each other of harassing the diplomats  posted in Delhi and Islamabad respectively. During the last month, diplomatic tension had reached a stage that it was apprehended that diplomatic relations would be severed. Pakistan called its High Commission in India to Islamabad for consultations. By making him to stay there for a week, India was given a warning that, its process of harassment continues, diplomatic relations could be cut –off. But after the return of diplomats on 22 March it seems that the two countries have avoided this crisis. But continued tension on border, suspension of negotiations, decrease in mutual contacts, have added to the bitterness between the two countries. There seems to be little likelihood of getting the situation right in near future. Though statements from both sides come after intervals, that war was not acceptable to either side and both are desirous of having pleasant relations, but practically no step is being taken. The real cause is loss of trust and confidence, presence of apprehensions and that creates a war-like atmosphere. But they will have to clear the atmosphere and pave the path for resolution of problems. There is no other way.”


[Courtesy: Urdu Daily Subah Kashmir, Srinagar, Kashmir, April 10, 2018}.

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