A major initiative in supply of electricity

According to daily Khidmat, the Governor’s administration has signed an agreement with Punjab government, that would help the state in irrigation of land and to get more  electricity. Under the agreement, Shahpur Kandi’ project will be installed on river Ravi. It will help the state to make free use of waters from Ravi – 1069 M.F. 32000 hectors of land in Kandi areas, will get irrigation facility. The state will get 41 MW of electricity, besides 20% from Thein Dam project.



The Agreement:

“It has become a routine that a critical situation arises again and again, in the context of supply of electricity and irrigation. All governments claimed to have  comprehensive and tangible projects and even claimed to have almost settled the water dispute with Punjab. During PDP reign, it was said that efforts will be made for an agreement with Punjab, so that the water flowing in the rivers of Punjab, flows towards J&K, and that would help in irrigation and in generation of power. But so far these were statement on paper only”.

New Initiative:

“But now Governor’s administration has taken an important initiative that has succeeded. After years of dithering, the state has entered into a beneficial agreement, which will not only increase the generation of electricity, but also irrigate thousands of Kanals of land, that was almost becoming barren. Under the agreement Shahpur Kandi Dam project will be installed on river Ravi and it will be a big irrigation project, which will benefit both Punjab as well as J&K. The state is capable of getting 1069 MAF water from Ravi, from which it is only using 512 MAF at the moment. As it is, 79.5 kms of OV canal has been constructed, and 493 km of distribution network has also been completed. However, the state has not been able to use as much water from Ravi, as it is capable of, because of disputes connected with Satran and Theim dam, of Shahpur Kandi Dam project. The signing of today’s agreement will benefit  Kathua and Samba districts, besides some parts of Jammu district. Due to the project, 32000 hectare of land in Kandi areas will get irrigation facilities. That will help the farmers of that area, and the region will move towards progress. J&K state will get 41, MW electricity, besides 20% electricity from Theim dam. The project will be completed on Punjab side in three years, and it is expected that by 2020, the JK state will get water. The state will get 1150 cusec water (as per 1979 agreement). According to agreement, the project will be implemented by Government of Punjab, but a three-member team will be assigned the task of supervising the works and the Committee will be led by CPWD member, and Chief Engineers of both states will be members. Every three months, the Committee will assess the work, according to agreement Punjab Government will provide the amount of Rs. 115 crores for payment of compensation for land. The Punjab government will also provide jobs to those who give land. According to agreement, 881 migrated families will be provided livelihood. Punjab government will provide 20% electricity generated in Theim Dam at CERC fixed rate of Rs. 3.5 per unit. For the sake of supply of water, there will be joint steering and supervision committee, which will have members from J&K., Punjab and CPWD. One important aspect of the present treaty, which was not present in 2017 agreement, is that steering committee will be supervising, and as such the state will not be deprived of its due share. The agreement signed can really be called people –friendly. This will directly help the people.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Khidmat, Srinagar, Kashmir, October 11, 2018].

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