Avenues of livelihood

Lt. Governor stressed the need for exploring the available resources of employment in Horticulture and allied fields. He directed the officers to prepare a plan for promoting high density apple orchards on an area of 10,000 hectares, writes daily Roshni.



Activating Resources:

“Lt. Governor Girish Chander Murmu, while expressing the presence of vast resources of employment in Horticulture and allied fields, has laid stress on the concerned officers about the need to activate the already available resources and to make efforts to make agriculture economically more profitable. He instructed the officers that they should prepare a plan promoting high density apple orchards on an area of 10,000 hectares within three years. Lt. Governor laid emphasis on increasing productivity in horticulture, so that the income generated for that also goes up. For making fruit markets more viable and useful, Lt Governor instructed the officers that they should examine the possibility of changing fruit markets into regular institutions under section 8, of Companies Act. Further, he directed that new fruit processing units should be established, so that more avenues of livelihood are created. He directed that all projects should be completed on time.”


Production Scenario:

“During the meeting, it was revealed that 83.5% of the total apple production of the country comes from Jammu and Kashmir, which is 20.9 lakh metric tons. As far as walnut production is concerned, it is 92.69% of the total production of the country and almond production in the state amounts to 93.63 % of total production in the country. It was also reported that in private sector 25 controlled atmosphere stores, with a capacity of 17,284 metric tons, have been established. Besides, there are 447 nurseries, out of which 138 are in public sector. In J&K state, presently there are 17 fruit and vegetable markets (mandis), besides two satellites. In agriculture sector, the total area involved is 12.28 hector of land. The tourism sector and fruit industry, are two fields in the state, where there are enough resources of employment and by utilizing these properly the problem of unemployment that has become critical, can be tackled. In the past, the concerned have not paid much attention towards this aspect, and consequently, unemployment graph has soared too high. Today, there are lakhs of educated young people, going from pillar to post in search of jobs, and many have become depressed, some have even got addicted to drugs”.


Tourism Sector:

“Tourism sector was unexpectedly paralysed the year. Thousands of people connected with it are sitting idle Shikarawalas, hotel and restaurant owners, house boat owners are extremely worried as their business has been deliberately stopped. The heavy snowfall last month caused much damage to fruit industry, fruit trees were uprooted, and fruit worth crores is perishing. One of the reasons is the killing of truck drivers, who came from outside. That should not have happened. Since there are enough opportunities of employment in agriculture and horticulture and tourism, it is incumbent upon administration to activate all these sectors so that not only is production increased, but that the educated unemployed could get jobs. However, Lt. Governor has said that a well-organized employment policy is being framed, which includes schemes of self-employment. That is encouraging and gives hope.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Roshni, Srinagar, Kashmir, December 15, 2019].

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