Dynasty politics faces rebellion

Khalid Isaac

After the fall of coalition got the rebel PDP MLAs have said that PDP has turned into a Family Democratic Party. Obviously politicians in Jammu and Kashmir have followed the foot steps of Nehru – Gandhi family. It seems Ms. Mehbooba is finding it had to keep the legislators together, as power that was binding force has gone. Times are changing and Modi has changed the very concept of politics. Abdullahs and Muftis will have to sit back and introspect.



A Family Democratic Party:


“After the fall of the PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir voices are becoming shriller to seek an end to the dynasty politics in the state. The PDP MLAs led by Imran Raza Ansari have raised a banner of revolt against the party leadership and it looks like that they are coming together to float a Third Front. The rebel PDP MLAs have one common complaint that Peoples Democratic Party has turned into “Family Democratic Party.”   The debate about dynasty politics was started by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi prior to 2014 parliamentary elections. He succeeded in creating awareness about the disadvantages of the Family rule in India. The foundation of the “family raj” in the country was laid by the Gandhi family but BJP succeeded in changing the history. Politicians in Jammu and Kashmir followed the footsteps of the Nehru-Gandhi family. After late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, his son Dr Farooq Abdullah, his son-in law Ghulam Muhammad Shah and late Sheikh Abdullah’s grandson, Omar Abdullah ruled the state. The Peoples Democratic Party which appeared on the political arena of the state in late nineties emerged as an alternative for the ruling National Conference. The PDP was founded by late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and its emergence provided an option to the people of Kashmir. Late Mufti joined hands with the likeminded people to make PDP a reality”.


Abdullahs and Muftis need to retrospect:

“In 2002 assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, PDP bagged 16 seats and went on to form the government with Congress. In 2008 assembly polls PDP won more than 20 seats but Congress did not ally with it and chose NC over it. In 2014 assembly polls, PDP emerged as the single largest party and joined hands with BJP to form the dispensation in the state. Many people, including the top BJP leadership, were of the opinion that PDP coming into power with the full support of Centre would build a “new Kashmir” and would change the political discourse in Kashmir. Till late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed was alive he kept his flock together and everyone had a say in the party. The PDP leaders who are disgruntled with the party leadership have been alleging that since the day Mehbooba Mufti took over the reins of the party the interference of the family members increased and it led to “anarchy” within the party. After the fall of the PDP-BJP government the PDP is finding it hard to keep its legislators together as the power was the binding force but that has gone. People are questioning why didn’t the disgruntled PDP leaders open their mouths when they were in power? Why did they remain quiet? It seems that the PDP leaders have realized that interference of the family members in the party affairs has proved counterproductive for the party and it has lost the ground in the Valley. They seem to have realized that if they continue to stick to PDP their future could be bleak as the party leadership during the past two years has gone out of way to accommodate the family members”.


The Changing Times:

“Times are changing fast and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the very concept of politics. From the day one he has been against the dynasty politics and he has proved that anyone, who wants to serve the people, could join the politics and it’s not the fiefdom of only the kith and kin of politicians. The recent developments indicate that Jammu and Kashmir may witness a sea change as the politicians have realized that they don’t have to get associated with families which have been ruling the state. This set of leaders having independent thoughts and a common ideology can make a big difference. If the PDP leaders continue to say goodbye to the party it would mean that NC and PDP would have to face a tough challenge to maintain their dominance. The decimation of Congress party which at one point of time was considered “invincible” should serve as an eye opener for the families which have ruled Jammu and Kashmir during all these years. It’s high time for Muftis and Abdullahs to sit back and introspect as the trend is changing fast. In democracy everyone has got a right to express himself. The veteran politicians should realize that new breed of politicians cannot be dominated. People who come into power are the representatives of the people and if they are unable to work for the people who elect them then they lose their relevance and become irrelevant.”


[Courtesy: daily  Greater Kashmir, Srinagar, Kashmir, July 09, 2018].

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