Governor’s rule and Public grievances

Governor’s rule seems to have brought about a change in the context of tackling peoples grievances, writes daily Roshni. According to daily, Governor has established a grievance cell for tackling grievances of people. Governor’s advisors have been meeting people and delegations. The Advisors have been directed to supervise the settlement of grievances in the departments under their control. A winter secretariat has been installed in Srinagar to look into people problems during winter.


The New Experience:

“Governor’s rule has been in force in the state for last five months. The bitter experience that people had with BJP-PDP coalition government, makes the people to say that Governor’s rule is better. The multitude of problems that people had to face during coalition government are getting reduced gradually. The people would  gather and come out on the streets to protest, but nobody listened to them. But with coming of Governor’s rule, a public grievance cell had been installed. According to an official statement, till 9th November 2018, Governor’s secretariat and grievances cell had received 29999 complaints and out of that 29147 were sent to different departments for settling those and for 476 complaints, procedure is on. All the three advisors of Governor have been meeting the people and listened to their complaints. The three Advisors, under public contact campaign, till July 2018, had met 2007 delegations and 1902 individuals. The advisors saw to it that the grievances that come to their notice were settled, and sent these to different sections. Advisors have been instructed that they should regularly have a check of the departments under their control and see how the grievances or complaints have been dealt with. Overall, during this period 33 908 complaints were received and 33056 were sent to different departments for settlement and 476 complaints are under process.”

The New Priority:

“It is a matter of pleasure that under Governor’s rule first priority is given to addressing people’s grievances, and complaints are settled. Compared to past, electric supply and distribution of drinking water have also improved. Attention is being given towards repairing dilapidated roads. As far as the damage caused to fruit crop due to inclement weather, the owners of orchards have been assured of due compensation by the Governor’s administration. Moreover, with the office move, winter secretariat has been installed in Srinagar, where from regional problems will be taken up and settled as far as possible. Governor Malik has been checking and observing the work of his staff and so far people have not found anything that would disappoint them”.


[Courtesy: Urdu Daily Roshni, Srinagar, Kashmir; November 10, 2018].


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