Let Children attend schools

It is really tragic that government as well as society is unmindful of catastrophe that is looking Kashmir into the eye. In an editorial note, daily Kashmir Images writes that with educational institutions defunct, an illiterate and uneducated future seems to be destiny. Let society wake up. There are some mischievous elements, but people must come up and see that their children attend schools.



The Catastrophe:

“It is more than two months and the life in Kashmir continues to remain out of gear. Businesses are shut: public transport is off the roads; schools are open but students are nowhere to be seen; tourism sector is in  shambles; entire economy is nose-diving and everything is in complete disarray. This is how today’s Kashmir looks like. Interestingly people are talking about mobile phones and internet, the services that were snapped on August 05 when Article 370 and 35 A were scrapped and Jammu and Kashmir state was bifurcated into two union territories but only few voices are being raised about education.”

“However, the government as well as the society, as a whole, seems unmindful of the catastrophe that is looking Kashmir into the eye with every passing day. With all educational institutions defunct, an illiterate and uneducated future seems the destiny of Kashmir and the unfortunate thing is that none of Kashmiris is gathering courage to say that “let our educational institutions run”. God helps those who help themselves. But in this case, Kashmir society seems not eager to help itself. No one is talking about the education. Sure, parents would be desperate but they are not spilling out their concerns reason being that some rogue elements are roaming free all over forcing students to be out of schools. Politics aside, education should always be conflict free. No society can progress and prosper if its future generation is deprived of the education. But unfortunately, in Kashmir, education is the sector that is targeted by all conflicting forces. Government has already declared all educational institutions open. The teaching and non teaching staff is already attending these institutions. But the students are not attending. That is a serious issue that is to be taken care of. If government is keen to ensure that students should attend schools, it need to restore mobile phones. Most of the parents are apprehensive because of the absence of communication. If mobile phones are restored, parents would be less reluctant to send their children attend schools. Let the Kashmir society wake up, understand and realize that they can’t keep their children away from education. Education is the key. If this key is lost, everything is lost. Let the society wake up, and ensure that our children attend schools.”


[Courtesy: daily  Kashmir Images, Srinagar, Kashmir, October 10, 2019].

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