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National Conference says that it won’t participate in political process, until the special status is restored, writes daily The Kashmir Monitor. But during four months we have not heard any protest from National Conference. NC may be reminded that it did not protest or say anything, when resolution on internal autonomy passed by Assembly was rejected by BJP government in 2000.



Basis of our Political Structure:


“Lying and deception has remained a norm in our political system. In fact, it forms the very basis of the political structure. Politicians of every brand have their own trade mark in telling lies. National Conference, without doubt, is the biggest entrepreneur of this political trade. Even in worst situation, their passion for telling stories does remain atop. Mustafa Kamal, senior leader and former minister, shows little qualms in waving political folklores. On Wednesday, he, in an interview to IANS, said that his party (National Conference – NC) would not be part of political process in the state until the restoration of Article 370 and statehood to Jammu and Kashmir. ‘They demolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. We can’t take part in any political process in this system’, he said. ‘New Delhi will like to manipulate us for changing the demography of Jammu and Kashmir and enslave the people’. Kamal said Article 370 was scrapped to end the Muslim – majority character of Jammu and Kashmir and to pave the way for ‘demographic change’. He said he was in touch with Farooq Abdullah and said he won’t make any ‘compromise’. ‘Farooq Abdullah has always tuck to his principles, why would be changed his stand now?’ Kamal said. Earlier, in September, NC parliament member for south Kashmir constituency – Hasnain Masoodi – had claimed that his party would revive the slogan of plebiscite. Masoodi said that National Conference would not be part of any political process until the state’s special constitutional position was restored. ‘Now on, it would be the resonance of plebiscite and autonomy slogans only across the state. ‘Ab sirfraishumarikenaaraygoonjege Kashmir mien’, he had said. Though over four months have passed since central government stripped Jammu and Kashmir of the special constitutional position, people of Kashmir are yet to hear even a modicum of protest from the NC, demand for plebiscite is a far more thing. One would like to remind Dr. Kamal and Masoodi that the National Conference has not severed its political links with New Delhi so far. It is already part of the political process New Delhi has initiated in Jammu and Kashmir after scrapping Article 370.”


Eat the Cake and …

“If the National Conference is sincere in its new sloganeering, in the first place, it needs to call back his members from the parliament by way of resigning from their seats. You cannot eat the cake and have it too. Reports have it that NC is again being driven by the lust of power and its leadership is contemplating reach out to the people by raising fake slogans. NC has done it in the pat. In 1996 when no political party or person worth name was ready to be part of election politics, NC raised the bogey of internal autonomy and assumed power with the promise of getting pre-53 position of the state restored. The party forgot the slogan within days of taking over the reins of the state. In 2000, the NC got a resolution on autonomy passed in the state assembly which was summarily rejected by then BJP-led central government of which Omar Abdullah was a minister. There was not even a meek reaction from the party for rejecting the resolution with so contempt and disgrace.”


[Courtesy: Daily The Kashmir Monitor, Srinagar, Kashmir, December 14, 2019].

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