New Central government and Kashmir’s economy

The people have imposed their trust and confidence in Modi, writes daily Aftab. According to the daily, it is hoped that he will reciprocate by taking welfare measures for people. The people of Kashmir are hopeful that Centre will bring about a change in its policy, and specially look into economic problems faced by the state. Unemployment is a major problem and Centre needs to throw doors of public sector undertakings or corporations open for Kashmiris also.



Awaiting Reciprocation:


“The way people have imposed their trust and confidence in Prime Minister will have to be reciprocated by Prime Minister, by giving due attention to them. According to political sections, the people considered Modi’s programs and polices to be appropriate for the betterment of country, and so voted in favour of BJP, so that country moves ahead towards new destinations of progress. As already said, Modi will have to face many challenges, where ruling party will have to come up to expectations. That Modi will get such an overwhelming majority in parliament, was perhaps not expected by Modi himself. This majority means, that he can resolve any issue on the basis of a majority. The people expect that efforts to ensure peace will be strengthened. As far as Kashmir is concerned, it is yet to be seen what type of policy the government formulates. But common people feel that Modi should take measures to ensure peace, so that there is no blood shedding and a peaceful solution of the problem is also sought. The recent elections have strengthened democratic institutions and it has become clear to the countries in the world, that India not only believes in democracy, but implements the democratic process, as in recent elections. As such people are hopeful that Centre will take some positive steps on Kashmir, that will improve situation and bring an end to unemployment in Kashmir”.




“At the moment, more than three lakh young men are facing the curse of unemployment. The Centre will have to take measures for securing dignified livelihood for these people. As far as jobs are concerned the educated people of the Valley have been discriminated again and they have been deprived of jobs. The Centre should frame such an employment policy on central level that more and more educated unemployed get a share of government jobs. As far as Central institutions or corporations are concerned, the percentage of Kashmiris in these undertaking like railway is almost zero. It shows that they have been subjected to injustice. It is earnestly hoped that the doors of central undertakings or corporations are thrown open for Kashmiris. PM Modi has got such a majority, that he can easily take any decision. We hope that new government will think over Kashmir’s economy deeply, and frame new and fruitful policies, in different sectors – tourism, education, science and technology, agriculture  horticulture and other sectors. That could help the state in strengthening and stabilizing its economy.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Aftab, Srinagar, Kashmir, May 26, 2019].

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