In an analytical article Nida-i-Mashriq writes that it is very much known that politicians of all types and shades are corrupt and so are bureaucrats, who are being supported by these leaders. Why is there no accountability of politicians of the state? The truth is that Delhi provides patronage and also a safe exit. The state may have Ahtisab Commission or Vigilance Commission, but no politician has been so far tried for corruption. That is a record.


Patronage from Centre:

“Both, in India and Pakistan, the process of enforcing accountability, in respect of locating black money, to evaluate and investigate the corrupt activities and actions of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, to catch hold of people taking big loans from banks and then seeking asylum or citizenship of other countries, and people who have destroyed institutions for their personal gain, has been going on at a large scale. What the two countries have done so far is no secret and who have been put behind the bars is known and who will follow, will be known soon. The social system and governing structure, that is corrupt, can’t make any progress. Politicians indulge in corruption and bureaucrats follow suit.


J&K example:

“Jammu and Kashmir state is the best example of this phenomenon. Every section of the population knows that politicians, adopting the corrupt path, would encourage the bureaucrats also. One main reason for this worrisome situation is the atmosphere of uncertainty, restlessness, instability that has been there for these 70 years. Politicians have been using new methods or strategies to keep the political uncertainty in every way as uncertain as possible. That has not only paved the path for emotional and political black mailing, but made the whole system of governance corrupt. The state is facing this tragedy of corruption and irregularities, because the political exploitation  is being patronized, given practical support,  and safe exit(for corrupt politicians). This patronage and safe exit are being provided by Delhi. The foundation stone of this system of patronage and safe exit’ was laid by India’s Prime Minister Jawahirl Lal Nehru. If Nehru had not provided the patronage of the corrupt system, because of certain expediencies of political situation of Kashmir, and had made accountability of politicians a part of the system, the state would not have sunk in the swamp of corruption.”


Missing Concepts:

“Which politician of Kashmir is such, who can claim to be truthful and honest? In the political horizon of Kashmir, this concept of honesty and sincerity is missing. The oaths of secrecy and honesty that are being pledged, can the only he called a bundle of lies. For accountability of politicians, an Ahtisab Commission was formed, ten years ago. So far the Commission has not declared any politician as an accused or criminal. Of course, in near past, the Commission issued show-cause notices to some politicians, but the politicians spent just ten rupees for a petition in Court, to get a stay. Vigilance commission and organization have the capability to catch the ‘small fish”. During Ghulam Nabi Azad’s time, some properties had been confiscated. But with the end of his tenure, the situation came back to ‘normal’. During Mufti Sayeed’s time, some officers were dismissed. But not a single case could be proved in Court and all the officers were reinstated. It is history of Kashmir that during 70 years not a single politician has been booked or tried. Nobody asks them about the sources of their income, besides salary and allowances; that  these people are having properties, land, buildings etc is no secret.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Nida-i-Mashriq, Srinagar, Kashmir, August 8, 2018].

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