Politics of deceit

According to daily The Kashmir Monitor, National Conference says that it is reviving the slogan of plebiscite and the demand of restoring pre-53 position. This was expressed by Justice Masood, NC, MP, the new face of National Conference. But he could not do anything on abrogation of Art 370, while it was being debated  in Parliament, though he had called Art 370 an inalienable part of Indian Constitution. There was expectation that NC, MPs, would take some extreme step and resign their seats in protest. But it did not happen. The party had raised the boogey of internal autonomy, when it came to power in 1996. But it forgot to do anything. In 2000 it had passed a resolution on autonomy and sent it to Centre, where it was rejected by then BJP-led government, but NC never protested or took any more steps.



The Gimmicks:


“National Conference is reviving the slogan of  plebiscite following the revocation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution. Justice (rtd.) Hasnain Masood, the party’s senior leader and parliament member, in an interview, has said that NC would no more be part of Delhi – sponsored election politics. It would rather, he said, revert to the demand of plebiscite and pre-53 position. ‘Now on, it would be the resonance of plebiscite and autonomy slogan only across the state’, he is reported to have said. Justice Masood, in absence of party President Farooq Abdullah and vice president Omar Abdullah, has become the new face of the National Conference. Since the abrogation of Article 370, he has been doing all the political talk on behalf of the party. Both, Farooq and Omar were arrested, along with hundreds of other political workers, ahead of central government’s decision of revoking 370. They have not been released yet. Masoodi said that National Conference would not be part of any political process until the state’s special constitutional position was restored. Hasnain Masoodi has remained the judge of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, and he was known for his honesty and integrity. As Justice, he caught the spotlight when he ruled Article 370 as an inalienable part of the Indian constitution, which could not be undone through any means. But after joining politics he made many flip-flops. In the first place, he failed to defend Article 370 while participating in the debate in parliament. He did not make even a slight reference to his judgment on the Article or to its constitutional validity,. His argument was based merely on Article or to its constitutional Validity. His argument was based merely on historical and political realties which the parliament, where the ruling BJP has brute majority, rejected randomly. Home minister Amit Shah, who had moved the bill to abrogate the special constitutional position of the state, even mocked at Masoodi that he (home minister) was waiting that ‘Judge SB’ would make some reference to his judgment ‘mere pass osska jawab bhi tayyar tha.’


Part of System:


“Justice Masood and his party continue to be part of Indian political system by way of being members of parliament along with Farooq Abdullh and Mohammad Akbhar Lone. One had expected that the NC parliamentarians might take some extreme step and resign from theirs etas in the face of NC’s so called love for the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Two IAS officers in south India have resigned from their jobs in protest against central government’s decision to revoke Article 370 but NC MPs continue to draw their salaries from the House. However, it appears that National Conference is back with the political gimmicks. If the National Conference is sincere in its new sloganeering, in the first place, it needs to call back its members from the parliament by way of resigning from their seats. You cannot eat the cake and have it too. Reports have it that NC is again being drive by the lust of power and its leadership is contemplating reach out to the people by raising fake slogans. NC has done it in the past. In 1996 when no political party or person worth name was ready to be part of election politics, NC raised the bogey of internal autonomy and assumed power with the promise of getting pre-53 position of the state restored. The party forgot the slogan within days of taking over the reins of the state. In 2000, the NC got a resolution on autonomy passed in the state assembly which was summarily rejected by the then BJP-led central government of which Omar Abdullah was a minister. There was not even a meek reaction from the party of rejecting the resolution with so contempt and disgrace.”


[Courtesy: daily  The Kashmir Monitor, Srinagar, Kashmir, October 16, 2019].

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