Rajnath Singh and Kashmir Problem

Home Minister’s acceptance that Kashmir is a complicated problem and needs time to solve, shows that there is realization that problem needs to be solved, writes daily Srinagar Times editorially. Kashmir problem has assumed a dangerous character, because of the turmoil of last 30 years. Inspite of many leaders resolving to solve it, and many accords being executed, the problem remains where it was. It is high time that Centre takes immediate steps for reviving negotiations, so as to seek a solution.



 A complicated problem:

         “The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh in his recent statement has said that Jammu & Kashmir is not only an old problem, but a complicated one that can’t be resolved overnight. Further, he said that it needs time and only negotiations can help to resolve it, once for all. These views are realistic and he has repeated what almost all leaders from opposition parties have been saying. Rajnath Singh is holding an important position and Home Ministry is not an ordinary department, but a significant and responsible institution, and has to deal with a heavy burden of responsibilities. When the leader/head of such an important or extra ordinary ministry says that Kashmir is a problem that needs time to resolve, for which negotiations are important, it should be understood that Rajnath Singh has not expressed his views being led by emotions, but-after proper consideration. The different countries or powers of the world that are laying stress on resolving Kashmir are considering the situation created by its remaining hanging, as every serious, must feel not only satisfied but pleased with the statement of Rajnath Singh. But the moot question is – does Rajnath Singh want it to be resolved? It is easy to call a hurdle or obstacle as a difficulty, but the important thing is – how to tackle that obstacle or how to get it removed. Verbally, we may say that we will fetch stars from the sky, but is that possible practically? If Rajnath Singh feels that Kashmir is a problem and it has to be resolved, then he should not try to procastinate it or evade it by saying it needs time. Time is something we can’t control and time once passed can’t be recalled.”


Reviving the negotiations:

“Kashmir problem has been pending resolution since 1947. More than seventy years have passed but all efforts to resolve it have failed. The problem gave rise to military confrontation and tension between India and Pakistan has come to such a dangerous stage that if patience and perseverance is not shown, the clouds of war can burst anytime. Prime Ministers of India from Jawahar Lal Nehru to Nardendra Modi, expressed their resolve to solve Kashmir problem, some rulers had even accords or agreements with parties. There were top level conferences between India and Pakistan. There was an accord (1975) with Sheikh Abdullah, and there were resolutions in UN. But Kashmir problem is where it was. In fact, the truth is that now it has taken serious and explosive turn. For the last 30 years there has been unrest in Kashmir. The chain of killings continues and people are feeling insecure. Now, there is governor’s rule and situation is not becoming conducive for elections. Though there were efforts to have negotiations with separatists, but because of distrust (or lack of trust) and lack of sincerity, there was no progress. In this scenario and if Rajnath Singh who calls it complicated and serious must  show seriousness about addressing it sooner or later, there is need for taking practical step. If we wait for suitable or favourable time, that would be a long wait – say upto Doomsday. Rajnath Singh, who has tried to understand Kashmir during four years, should now take the preliminary step to tackle it as soon as possible, and there is no better step than to offer negotiations to Pakistan and also separatists. There can be no better steps than that.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Srinagar Times, Srinagar, Kashmir, June 23, 2018].

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