Reasons  for J&K Assembly Dissolution

In an analytical article daily Roshni writes that Governor’s reasons for dissolving Assembly were – i)Making of a state government not possible ii) the horse-trading in winning the support of members iii) claimed numbers not being correct and iv) critical security situation.  National Conference (NC) leader’s statement and Congress not making its support clear, show that first reason was correct. As far as numbers are concerned, the veracity of the claim could be tested only on the floor of the house. Nevertheless, security situation has been very bad since the operation all out was started and there has been lot of bloodshed.



Sanctity of Dissolution:

        “The state Governor, Satya Pal Malik declared the dissolution of the Assembly to be in accordance with democratic norms and Constitution, as there was horse trading for winning the support of members of Assembly , and he did not want to have a government made by breakaways and tie-ups. Besides dissolution of Assembly was in the interests of the state. He said that he had taken the step that was in the best interests of the state. He gave four reasons for dissolution of Assembly. That included, i) making a durable and stable government was not possible ii) the process of horse trading in respect of Assembly members that had been going on iii) the numbers claimed not being correct, iv) the critical security situation of the state”.

National Conference Stance:

“As far as first reason is concerned, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah had made it clear that he had taken the decision to support PDP, only to save the state, and he was neither prepared to join the government nor would there be cooperation with PDP in future. As for Congress, it had not made a final announcement (of supporting). In this way, the claim to form the government was only a political stunt, so that Assembly is dissolved and path paved for fresh elections, in which the three parties would strive for success. In these circumstances, making of a stable and durable government would not be possible. As such, Governor’s argument or reason was justified.”

The New Elections:

“The second reason given is about horse-trading in members of Assembly. For some months now, a party was claiming that it would form the next government and next Chief Minister would be of this party. Such news was rapidly being spread by media that hectic efforts to form a government were being made and according to political quarters, these efforts were going on by way of buying or selling. No doubt a specific party would succeed in it, and it would create a situation of uncertainty in the state. In the light of this background, Governor’s decision seems to be very correct, and it defeated all the tricks of the political parties indulging in it. People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had claimed to have support of 56 members, but it did not have as many members. This would be found out when it would be asked to prove its majority on the floor of the house. The claim made, was of support of 12 members of Congress, 15 of National Conference, PDP’s 28 and one more member. After dissolution of Assembly, only one member resigned from PDP, and so 55 were left. If another half-a-dozen members left PDP, it would still have the numbers to form government. So, this reason does not seem to be correct. The observation of some parties seems to be correct  that where BJP was not included, no government could be formed. The fourth reason stated   is the critical security situation of the state. No doubt since the day operation all out was launched, the process of blood-shedding has been increasing in intensity. If the government would be formed, it (government) would protest against the operation all-out and try to create hurdles which Centre would never allow, because the objective of the operation is to decimate the militants in the Valley and to encourage security forces. In this respect, if only this reason had been given for dissolution of Assembly, it would be proper and would carry some weight. It was said that there was need for a stable and friendly atmosphere for security personnel’, who are conducting operations against militants and are achieving success in controlling the situation. Nevertheless, whatever happened, was good. This gives an opportunity to the three parties (NC, PDP, Congress) to regain their lost popularity and common people will understand how political parties are engaged in exploiting their emotions, and feelings in order to achieve power.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Roshni, Srinagar, Kashmir, November 25, 2018].


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