Sweet poison – a matter of concern

The daily Roshni writes editorially that there are disturbing reports of children and young people becoming drug addicts. There are agencies who supply the narcotics and even chemists are selling some without a doctor’s prescription. Unemployment also pushes young people towards drugs. But the danger is that drug addiction can turn them into criminals. It is high time society wakes up and acts. The politicians are too busy with their games, and intellectuals don’t dare to intervene. It is better if Mohalla committee take upon themselves to act and keep a watch over the children. It is not too late to act.



Targeting the youngsters:


“Much worrying reports are coming from different parts of the Valley, that school children are becoming addicted to drugs and some selfish and greedy people are engaged in selling drugs in small packets to the children. Besides some chemists are also openly selling narcotic drugs. This process of pushing the young people towards dark future, began with the start of turmoil and has made much progress now. Knowledgeable people say that every kind of narcotic drug – cannabis, opium heroine, brown sugar, is being supplied. Moreover, those medicines that contain some intoxicant are freely available, without a doctor’s prescription. During last month, thousands of bottles of  K. Phosphate along with intoxicant injections and tablets were confiscated. As far alcohol, it is available in both ways, legal as well as illegal. Some people are engaged in promoting this trade of ‘sweet poison’. The tragedy is that young people, including ladies, are becoming addicted to drugs. The people complain that politicians have no time to pay any attention towards this and set the young men free from clutches of drugs, they are only keen to get power. Even scholars, intellectuals are not prepared to interfere.”


Role of Local Committees:


“It seems that it is only ‘mohalla’ committees, that are present in every area, and there are panches, sarpanchs and municipal councilors of Mohalla committee. They should come forward with a firm resolve, and they can save the new generation from devastation. Mohalla people can keep an eye on the young people and help in reforming them. It is important for parents to keep a vigilant eye on children, so that they don’t become victims. The tragic part of the story is that if the young people become drug addicts, they move towards criminal acts, for getting drugs. These crimes can include theft, gambling and other serious crimes. This poison spoils the mental balance of the youngmen and people don’t understand what is happening. It has been observed  that unemployment also pushes the young towards drug. Since educated youth is getting pushed here and there is search of livelihood, nobody is taking care of his situation. It is also said the some specific agency, under a plan is engaged in making young people addicts. The regret is that no conscientious persons from society does dare to come forward to face this situation. It is high time, that society wakes up before the young generations gets devastated by this menace. It is futile to have expectation from government. It is the society that has to act.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Roshni, Srinagar, Kashmir, April 09, 2019].

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