The Enigma of Rejection

According to daily Nida-i-Mashriq, Hurriyat (G) has rejected negotiations with the Central government unless New Delhi accepts its five conditions, including declaring Kashmir as a dispute. The daily further writes that it does not seem to be a decision of joint leadership. Why? UN resolutions may be there, but UN failed to get these implemented. It has to be noted that Pakistan did not fulfil the very first condition of withdrawing its forces. So how could resolutions be implemented? Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s statement on negotiations  is moderate. But Mr. Ali Shah Geelani should remember that when Hurriyat leaders travelled to New Delhi to have talks during the time of A B Vajpayee, who had not said anything about Kashmir being disputed, why should Mr. Geelani put pre-conditions this time?





“Syed Ali Shah Geelani led Hurriyat Conference has practically rejected Centre’s offer of negotiations and said that there could be no negotiations within the parameters of constitution of (India). It has added that there can no negotiations without acceptance of five conditions put by Hurriyat, that includes accepting Kashmir as a dispute. This statement did not come from joint leadership, but from a parallel faction of Hurriyat Conference. The matter of participation or non-participation in negotiations is a sensitive and complicated issue. Had the statement been issued by joint leadership, there would be scope to think that decision has been taken after consultations. This statement is individual in character and there seems to be no role of collective thinking in it. But why?  What has made the Hurriyat faction to issue statement on its own and putting conditions? Does it not indicate some kind of difference of views among the joint leadership? Or is it a display of party’s ideological one–upmanship?  No negotiations can be fruitful or successful when pre-conditions are laid. This has been repeatedly said, where there is a putting of pre-conditions, from whichsoever party – government or Hurriyat, it shows non-seriousness and an effort to adopt the path of escape.”


Pakistan’s Role:

“No doubt, there are UN resolutions on Kashmir. In implementing these resolutions, the international institution has itself  been unsuccessful, inspite of 70 years having passed. Under these resolutions, India and Pakistan are parties. In that capacity, both had some responsible role to play. Under these resolutions Pakistan had to withdraw all its forces from POK, and Giglti – Baltistan. Though Pakistan has been demanding implementation of UN resolutions, yet the first role that it had to play, has not been played by Pakistan till now. Now by annexing the Gilgit –Baltistan region. Pakistan has put a question mark on (state’s) disputed status. By this step, Pakistan put many obstacles towards political solution of Kashmir”.

Confidence Building Measures:

“The statements given by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in the context of negotiations are to some extent moderate. However, if the leaders of different units of Hurriyat Conference do not want to participate in negotiations, there is need of a collective decision by these and taking the people into confidence. Individual statements are meaningless. The top leadership of Hurriyat Conference has travelled to Delhi to have talks with A. B. Vajpayee. Did Mr. Vajpayee accept Kashmir as disputed before talks? Records show nothing like that. If that time, there were no pre-conditions, why now? Nevertheless, for Centre as well as state government, it is necessary to take some confidence building measures for providing an atmosphere for negotiations. That would include release of political detainees, to end cases based on political vendetta, to stop incarceration without justification. At the same time, use of force and excesses should be refrained from. Moreover, the process of character assassination of Kashmir youth, in which some TV channels are indulging, should be stopped.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Nida-i-Mashriq, Srinagar, Kashmir, June 14, 2018].

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