The grim future

The unemployment problem is critical rather very serious and youth are getting frustrated day by day. According to daily Uqab, it is not unusual if the youth get attracted by gun, drugs, or crime. Being unable to live a normal life, they have to deviate. The tragedy is government has left them at their own. All can’t be absorbed in government, but government can explore other avenues of employment. The worst case of negligence by the government is ignoring handicrafts sector, which gave employment to many people. The sector is on downside and government is doing nothing to help it.



The alarming signals:

 “As estimate says that the number of unemployed people in the state has crossed ten lakhs. It is far more than number in other states. Among the unemployed registered in district employment countries, there are matriculates, graduates and postgraduates. The data explains why the youth of the state are restless and disturbed. The youth, who realize that their age has passed the age limit for employment, are terribly grieved because insptie of having high education, they fail to get a livelihood. If their anguish and anger can make them to break or destroy everything, it won’t be abnormal. The tendency to take poison to commit suicide, or to hang ourselves or to get attracted by drugs, or adopting the path of crime are parts of this mental frustration, arising out of unemployment. The surprise is that with the number of unemployed increasing days by day, the government has no tangible or comprehensive project or plan that could give a hope of controlling unemployment. Every year, lakhs of young persons, leave schools/colleges/institutions after completing their training or education and are ready to give their services in different aspect of life. But after a struggle of a few years, they realize that there is no work for them. The people with influence and money, get government jobs easily, and also admission in professional colleges. But those without these resources suffer. A generation is getting devastated and we can’t do anything. It is true that all educated can’t given government jobs. But that does not mean government should leave them on their own”.


Need for Planning:

“The government has much delayed making any plans for them. The situation can become very dangerous/explosive. If immediate steps are not taken the whole social fabric can get destroyed. Those who are less educated, find it all the more difficult to get jobs. Because of the downslide in states traditional handicrafts sector, such young men find difficult to find work in this sector. In Jammu, because of small scale industries, means of livelihood are available to some extent. But in Kashmir, even small scale industries could not get stabilized;  the main cause being non-availability of electricity. Many dreams had been associated with IT sector, but nothing happened. Kashmir’s youth, in thousands, go outside and get their proficiency in this sector recognized. For the government, except big claims, it has nothing to provide avenues of livelihood. Sometimes back, the youth were attracted towards floriculture, and they were encouraged. Some youth did well. However, the need is to provide facilities on a large scale. From Srinagar to Delhi much concern was expressed on young men getting attracted by gun. But it is not being admitted that youth have been left with no work. Inspite of searching for opportunities to display their capabilities, they have not been able to get anything.  The disappointment or frustration compels them to either get depressed or take revenge from the society.”


[Courtesy: Urdu daily Uqab, Srinagar, Kashmir, September 16, 2018].

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