Warning of an impending disaster

In an editorial note daily Uqab writes that the Valley is facing the menace of drugs. Recent police action shows that drugs are being traded on a large scale and a large number of young men have become drug addicts. This is a very serious situation and can devastate the society. If the civil society and common people don’t realize the seriousness of the situation and act to check it, there will be a disaster.



The Drug Haul:

“During last few weeks, heroin worth crores has been confiscated. The latest event is that on getting reliable information, the police confiscated one kg heroin from a vehicle while checking near Tunnel. The same day the police confiscated 52 kg  of another narcotic material’ and arrested the accused. During last two years, during the campaign against drug suppliers, police confiscated drugs in large quantities and arrested people trading in drugs. But in inspite of so much action by police, the way smuggling of drugs continues indicate that the “business’ is being conducted on a large scale. In Jammu also heroin worth crores was confiscated. The police says that drugs come from across border and besides different regions of India, it is being sent abroad also. However, the drugs that are prepared locally, a large part is being sold in Kashmir. A large number of young men have become addicted to drugs and it is a matter of concern for the community.”


The Role of Community:

“The work done by police deserves appreciation. But only police is not enough to stop this drug trade. The regret is that community does not get awakened and does not realize the damage. Day in and day out, smugglers are being caught and drugs in large qualities are confiscated. But nobody seems to be disturbed. It is worth mentioning that the present situation in Kashmir, the youth are perturbed because of their worries of their future. In this frustration, they take recourse to drugs. Since different drugs are easily available, they get these and get high on drugs, in order to forget the world of worries. It is a big tragedy for community and its repercussions will be far-reaching. If people realize the gravity of the situation, they can play their role in stopping the trade in drugs. The smugglers trade in drugs and amass lot of money and become ‘respectable. The people give them ‘respect’ and even build mosques  from the money donated by them. This encourages others to ‘emulate’. In many villages, ‘charas’ (cannabis) is openly cultivated and people don’t object. The people who are prepared to fight for prohibition, don’t give any attention to this problem, even though these (Drugs) are much more harmful than wine or alcohol. If one member of  a family becomes an addict, the whole family gets devastated. Our preachers and scholars don’t do anything except giving sermons.  Unless the whole community takes the resolve to fight against this, it is difficult to save new generation from destruction. If traders who sell drugs are disliked, and even subjected to social boycott, it could help. It would be a good deed if police is informed and these wrong doers are arrested. The de-addiction centres started by government are not enough, because the number of people using drugs has increased a lot. These centres need to be strengthened.”


[Courtesy: Urdu Daily, Uqab, Srinagar, Kashmir, September 20, 2018].


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