Kartarpur: A Corridor of Peace!

Kartarpur Corridor, leading and facilitating the visit of Sikhs to Gurudwara Darbar Sahib can contribute to lasting peace in region, writes Fida Iqbal. But it needs utmost sincerity and understanding, with trust.



A Sincere Move:


“November 9, 2019, will be remembered in the subcontinent for two reasons – Indian Supreme Court verdict on disputed land at Ayodhya and more importantly opening of passage between Indian and Pakistan Punjab for Sikh pilgrims. Both the issues are historic, important and related to the faith of millions. However, the Kartarpur corridor leading to, and facilitating the holy visit to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, the final resting place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Pakistan, if explored in the right perspective with good intentions can vastly contribute to lasting peace in the region. The right perception – the utmost sincerity, a wide range of understanding and deep trust can ensure the much required peace between India and Pakistan through this corridor. Under the prevailing world order, the existing worst mistrust and acrimony between the two nations can go wild anytime. And if leaders of both the nations will not behave humanly this uncertainty has huge potential turning into a massive flashpoint for nuclear conflict in the region.”


Kartarpur is the real bedrock for imminent peace, if the leaderships look at it honestly and sincerely:


“Amazingly, Kartarpur passage became possible after all odds and worst relations between the two counties! Hopefully, behind the curtain parleys and diplomatic efforts along with personal interest and cooperation from the leadership of both countries ensured the corridor is opened on the 550th birth centenary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Most of the people in India and Pakistan, especially the Sikh devotes, were apprehensive about the opening of the corridor. Anyways optimism prevailed over distrust and both the nations behaving rightly allowed the passage to become  a reality. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in his speech at the inaugural function big-heartedly acknowledged the positive role of Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan and the hard work of Pakistani workers who put in their blood and sweat to complete the corridor on their side well in time. May be the centuries back virtuous teachings of peace and compassion by Guru Nanak Dev Ji prevailed over the fluid and extremely unreceptive atmosphere and the corridor materialized. Only the Almighty knows what teaching and which saintly guidance will mellow the hardened hearts of successive Pakistani and Indian leadership for peace between the two nations? But one thing is clear that if honestly and sincerely they look for the opportunity of peace and friendship then the Kartarpur event is the real bedrock for imminent peace in the region.”


Scope for Other Initiatives:


“A big question to the leadership of both countries!  If they can allow Kartarpur to happen under most hostile situations, why they cannot put their heads together and resolve all pending issues among themselves – even the festering ones? Now it becomes imperative on Indian and Pakistani leadership  to explore the Kartarpur goodwill gesture and draw a roadmap for cordial relations and lasting peace in the region that will, in turn, ensure prosperity and wellbeing of the people who have been craving for it since long. The people in border areas and several other stakeholders directly or indirectly related to peace are the worst losers at present. Unfortunately, most of the budgetary allocations of both countries get wasted on keeping huge armies and buying military hardware just to browbeat each other. At times while chasing haughty pugnacious plans and pursuits even the vital sectors of education, healthcare, and public welfare plans get compromised in the region and people at large suffer badly. Now is the time to explore more of the ability to realize possibilities (like Kartarpur) of peace and love out of conflicts. And if the leaders across the bloody line take a cue from spiritually huge and politically courageous Kartarpur gesture open-heartedly, days are not far when corridors of love and peace will be there all along the border. Sooner this ability is explored better it will be for the region and its desperate people.”


[Courtesy: Daily Greater Kashmir , Srinagar, Kashmir, December 27, 2019].


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