Dubai firm inks deal to buy J&K produce

“The Dubai – based Lulu International Group (LIG) has become the first overseas company to engage with the J&K government to purchase horticulture and agriculture produce, including apples, in bulk from the State since the revocation of its special status on August 5.

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The Pakistan Muddle  

Pakistan has made efforts to internationalize Kashmir issue, and succeeded to some extent. But the problem is that most foreign governments have said that it was a bilateral issue, even Taliban have reacted strongly on connecting Kashmir with Afghanistan:

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M. K. Narayanan

To be optimistic about future of democracy in Pakistan and alongside improvement in India-Pakistan relations is welcome. But, it needs to be laced with a tinge of realism, writes M. K. Narayanan. According to him, India has had false starts in the past, and hence India needs to assess the situation in Pakistan in greater depth and not jump to conclusion. New Prime Minister Imran Khan has been content with reiterating hackneyed themes viz desire to initiate talks resolve differences, improve trade relations, resolve Kashmir conflict. Many of the ministers on his cabinet are holders from previous administration, and that does not hold much hope for an improvement in India-Pakistan relations. The circumstances under which Mr. Khan succeeded in these elections would suggest that ‘deep state’ in Pakistan played not so insignificant role in his victory. Under the circumstances Mr. Khan seems to have less room to maneuver. India will need to create a framework that leads to realistic outcomes, given that it genuinely believes in peace with Pakistan. Perhaps it would be advisable for Indian state to step back and provide greater scope for people’s initiatives. The  message is for people’s groups in India to engage and engage with whomsoever it is possible in Pakistan with a view to creating a suitable climate for peace and better relations.


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