Who are the stakeholders?

National Conference’s demand for autonomy, PDP’s self-rule, separatists’ ‘azadi’ and advice of talking to Pakistan – all these are not worth acceptance. This is New Delhi’s new stance, writes daily Nida-i-Mashriq. The paper further writes that if, none of these groups are stake holders, then who is? National Conference had endorsed accession and worked to promote its stand, whereas Congress saw to it that internal autonomy was eroded, and Mufti Sayeed created a crack in NC’s strong wall, but put every point of view on stake. If these are unreliable now, who is to be trusted now? If it is the so called “third front”, the people thereof have a very small stature and can not win people’s good will. Historical facts can not be erased and all the agreements between two countries can’t be termed obsolete. Pakistan is a party. The people of Kashmir suffer because of Indo-Pak conflict.


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